August 15, 2015

This year we decided to let our creativity spark up and we came up with incredible ideas to create furniture with a rustic aura and old-world charm. Our wedding shows this year, have no doubt, been a huge success. We credit the effort put into this for our success. However, as the ideas and concepts flowed in we created few of our brilliant masterpieces. One such masterpiece was a lovely rustic stand we created. This stand with the country-side allure was admired by the people who got a chance to see it. We felt an utter joy as we received amazing positive feedback from our clients and everyone else who loved our furniture and the concept. Let us assure you, this endeavor was no less of a struggle at first. However, as fun-loving and creative as we are, we were ready to take up any challenge at this moment. We were completely inspired by the idea of rustic furniture; however, it was incredibly strenuous to find someone who was expert in the field. After a thorough research, we realized that it was very difficult to find someone to do this job for us. Therefore, we took it upon to ourselves, to implement our ideas successfully and with commitment. While we decided to get our own hands dirty, it took us approximately four months to create this beautiful furniture. We started off by finding piles of old pallets and wooden pieces from a construction site across the road. We gathered the adequate amount of wood that we could need from this construction site where woodwork was in process. Soon we were at work, carving and shaping wooden pieces, and then hammering them together to bring about what we wanted. After a hard work of nearly four months, we created splendid looking furniture. Our entire collection was much-loved by our audience. The positive feedback brought serenity to us as only our effort had made all this possible. We are glad to announce that we have been successful in creatively bringing about our ideas and concepts of rustic furniture. With successful wedding shows this year, we are highly motivated to keep working towards creating such fine-looking and creative products in the future too. We are hoping to conduct even better wedding shows in the upcoming months while we shall be highly-committed and efficient. We will keep on updating you about our marvelous activities on this blog. Stay tuned!