Growing up, every little girl has a dream about who she wants to be when she grows up. Some choose doctor or teacher, while others like the idea of being a princess. I chose my favorite subject in school, art. I didn’t know what kind of artist I wanted to be, but I knew that I had a passion for design and that one day, I would explore that and maybe even turn it into a career.

My name is Riz and I am the owner, founder, designer and do-it-all gal here at BeechTree Creative. Fast forward to around 6 years ago, I was working in the corporate design world; a place where marketing ruled and expression was usually stunted by mass marketing requirements. It was then that I decided I wanted to open up my heart and let my passion for great design express the creativity that I possessed.

I began BeechTree Creative and turned my passion for elegant, whimsical design into a career where I could express my ideas and turn them into pieces of art that would adorn the most special day of your life! I believe in creating bespoke wedding stationery that will help accentuate every aspect of your special event in a more subtle, elegant way and offer you the chance to experience, first hand, what can happen when true passion meets raw creativity.

Our top priority is to deliver the best quality product and a superior experience for each client with a tasteful and unique paper suite that truly represents you! This is what I envisioned for my company and it is the motto I live by every day.

I am often asked why I chose the name BeechTree Creative. Well, the creative part is obvious, but I chose BeechTree because the very first book ever written was written on paper made from the pulp of the Beech tree. I thought about that for a while and tried to grasp the true nature of the innovation that these ancient civilizations had. Then it hit me! Creativity, innovation and the very first printed word; I had to name my company BeechTree Creative.